Empowering Christian Women Across the World to Overcome Spiritual Warfare & Walk Victoriously in Purpose

Hey Sis! I'm Arika Davenport, Spiritual Warfare & Prayer Coach. I help women entrepreneurs & ministry leaders to discover & defeat spiritual warfare, empowering them to execute their goals & fulfill the call on their life. Women who join this community are equipped with the spiritual & practical weapons they need to be everything God has called them to be!

If you have found yourself experiencing ongoing & overwhelming challenges in your life & business you're not alone. If you know that you are called & gifted but struggle with executing & getting results, don't be alarmed, there's a reason for it...


”For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

Ephesians 6:12

Here's How This Community Will Help You to

Win Against Warfare & Walk in Purpose!

  • The Purpose Prayer Line Ministry: Our weekly prayer line is designed to encourage, equip & educate women through prayer, while transforming them into powerful intercessors for their family & communities.

  • Called to Conquer Community Membership:. Our Called to Conquer Community offers unwavering & ongoing support, accountability, and spiritual guidance to help women identify and overcome the spiritual warfare hindering their business and ministry success.

  • Digital Courses: Our affordable digital courses provide faith-based guidance and practical strategies for women to thrive in purpose & achieve their business and ministry goals.

  • Local & Online Events: Our local & online events offer enriching experiences for women to connect & grow, through faith, fellowship & fun.

  • Journals & Devotionals: Our books & devotionals provide insightful wisdom and daily encouragement to help women strengthen their faith and stay focused on their God-given purpose.



Arika's program and God given passion has changed my life! I came from a place of self-doubt, vagueness in my gifts and stuck in my pursuit of passion.”Now, I am clear on the who, what and why of my passion to serve intentionally. This program has set me up for success by changing my mindset and identifying my secret sauce which I had overlooked time and time again. I can finally articulate and show up in my purpose to serve without second guessing it. If you struggled in this area like me, then you should work with Arika because she guides you to uproot the barriers, cleans your lenses to see your true self and activates your action plan to show up. If you are ready for Transformation, join now. After completing the program I started Access for Moms- A community to support mothers of school aged children with disabilities

Monica Emmanuel 

“This program has helped me to build my confidence and has given me hope again.”

“I can honestly say I was nervous about coming into the program and was unsure what to expect. This program has helped me to build my confidence and has given me hope again.   I have identified barriers in my life that were holding me back.   I realized how negative things from my childhood had carried over to my adulthood.I absolutely love the group calls, it's nice to have women cheering you on. My insecurities have been eliminated and I owe Arika a lot more than any monetary value could pay!   I now share my gifts and my passion for my community as a speaker and a very active voice in the Mothers of Murdered Columbus Children.

Jene Patrick

“Prior to working with Arika I was really confused about what my purpose was. God connected me with this wonderful community. I learned a lot about myself, my purpose and how my story is so important. I’m so grateful to God. The way the information was broken down and easy to understand was such a blessing. I truly recommend you take this program, it will change your life!”

Dewan Roberts 

Our mission is to foster a global community of powerful Christian women dedicated to overcoming spiritual warfare, walking victoriously in purpose & transforming their homes & communities for the better.

All Rights Reserved| She Pursues Purpose

All Rights Reserved| She Pursues Purpose