🌟 Introducing the Called to Coach Accelerator: Empowering Christian Women to Thrive in Entrepreneurship as Coaches🌟

Are you a Christian woman navigating the corporate world but feeling the gentle nudge from God towards entrepreneurship as a coach? Do you sense a divine calling to use your gifts & skills to make a lasting impact in people's lives?

Welcome to the Called to Coach Accelerator!

A transformative 1 to 1 coaching program designed exclusively for Christian women in corporate who are ready to step into their entrepreneurial journey, embrace their calling, and make a profound difference in the lives of others.

Heres' what you already know...

  • You know in your heart you're called to coach, BUT you’re not sure where to start

  • You have divine gifts & skills BUT you don’t know how to utilize & monetize them

  • You know God has a purpose bigger than your job BUT the security of a paycheck & insurance keeps you miserably comfortable

  • You know that it’s possible to make money as a coach BUT you’re not sure if its possible for you

  • You know how to encourage, support & teach people BUT you struggle with doing it as a business

  • You know that you don't want to live with regret BUT fear, procrastination & doubt keeps you stuck


  • Your time is limited, you wear many hats & struggle with work/life balance

  • You don’t who your real target audience is so you try to speak to everyone

  • You don’t know what to say on social media or to your email list

  • You don’t know how to build an irresistible offer that has clients looking for you

  • You don’t know how to develop a program that gets results

  • Your messaging, marketing & lead generation methods are all over the place

You are not alone sis!

I'm Arika Davenport..

I used to be right where you are. I was at a high paying government job yet I was unhappy & unfulfilled. I knew God had called me to do more but I wasn't sure where to start. So I clocked in everyday secretly wishing to get laid off. I came across a coaching program in 2019 and hired my first coach. I launched my first program right before Covid in 2020.

Covid showed me how precious and short life can be. After much prayer, & feeling led to leap, I decided to quit my full time, good paying job and I haven’t gone back!

After investing over 20k in mentorships, programs & coaches, I realized that many programs offer the basics of business but lack the biblical, faith based part that makes us different. I learned the coaching world in a very scattered way but have created this program to help you learn how to do business God’s way and in order!

You’ve come to the right place. The Called to Coach Accelerator is the solution to all of your problems!

Why Join the Called to Coach Accelerator?

Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship:

Align your professional journey with your divine purpose. Experience the joy of serving others while building a thriving coaching business.

Faith-Based Coaching Techniques:

Infuse your coaching practice with the transformative power of Christian principles. Create lasting change in the lives of your clients through faith-based strategies.

Confidence to Navigate the Entrepreneurial Landscape:

Overcome fears and doubts with the support of your coach. Step into entrepreneurship with confidence, guided by your faith.

Tailored Support for Christian Women:

Address unique challenges faced by Christian women in the business world. Embrace your identity and strengths as a woman of faith in the entrepreneurial realm.

🚀 Here’s what to expect with CCA 🚀

Join us on a 12-week journey that goes beyond the ordinary, unlocking the secrets to divine entrepreneurship for Christian women.

Divine Calling Discovery

🔍 Dive deep into self-discovery and unearth your divine calling. Lay the foundation for a purpose-driven entrepreneurial career.

Mindset Work & Goal Setting

🧠 Align your mindset with your calling. Set strategic goals and overcome limiting beliefs that hinder your success.

Narrowing Your Niche

🎯 Craft a niche that resonates with your calling. Specialize and speak directly to your ideal clients.

Create Your Grand Slam Offer - Coaching Program/Framework

🔧 Build a powerful coaching program. Structure your sessions for transformative results.

Lead Generation & Email Marketing

📧 Master lead generation and email marketing. Attract your ideal clients and build lasting connections.

Messaging, Marketing & Sales Strategy

📣 Craft compelling messages. Refine marketing strategies and develop a seamless sales processes for onboarding & enrolling.

🌟 PLUS....EXCLUSIVE BONUSES to Accelerate Your Success 🌟

An extra 8 Weeks of Support: Hands-on guidance for an extra 8 weeks to secure your first beta clients.

Custom Templates & Scripts: Streamline your processes with time-saving tools.

Chat GPT Genius Guide: Enhance client communication with quick and easy Chat GPT strategies.

Trello Board Creation:

Master Trello for efficient content organization.

OPA’s Idea List: Learn how to leverage other people's audiences for exponential growth.

🛡️ Our Guarantee: Your Success Is Our Mission 🛡️

We're so confident in the Called to Coach Accelerator that we guarantee your enrollment until you obtain your first beta client!

So What's Holding You Back?

💫NOW is the time to ACT!

CCA offers flexible payment plans, financing, & pay in full discounts. Designed for the busy working woman, calls are flexible & sessions are 1 hour!

Sis, Don't let uncertainty hold you back. Join the Called to Coach Accelerator today and step into your purpose as a coach!

If they can do it...so can you!!


“You are the queen of self care! You have inspired me to take care of myself better!”

“You are a walking PSA for self care! Thank you for showing me that self care is not a privilege it's a priority!

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All Rights Reserved| She Pursues Purpose